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Washington County Fair 2018

Event Chair: Debbie Langley


Chaperone the Marching Band Performance and the evening at the Washington County Fair on August 15!

Report time is 4:15 pm at PTHS.  Approximate return time is 10:30 pm.

Remember to get clearances!  Click here for the PTSD Volunteer Clearance Instructions

To check if your clearances are up-to-date, go to PTSD's Approved Volunteer List, posted as a PDF at:  http://www.ptsd.k12.pa.us/Volunteers.aspx 

  • Chaperones are assigned to each bus.
  • Coordinate with other chaperones on your bus to take roll before the bus leaves the high school and before leaving the Fair.
  • Report any absences to the director and chaperone coordinator before the buses roll out.  
  • Assist students and directors before, during, and after the performance as needed.  
  • Assist students during the evening at the Fair, as needed.
  • Accompany students to and from the bus parking area.
  • When you're 10-15 minutes from the high school, announce to the students that they should notify their rides that they're 10 minutes away.
  • When you're 10 minutes from the high school, announce that students should collect their belongings, clean up trash, and close windows.
  • Upon returning to the high school, check the bus seats and aisles for belongings and trash, and make sure the windows are closed.
  • Bring lost & found items to the directors.
  • Return the clipboard to the chaperone coordinator.


August 15, 2018

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Chaperone 4:15 pm 10:30 pm#1: Suzanne M.
#2: Julie O.
#3: Laura R.
#4: Kelly P.
#5: Erin C.
#6: Clint L.
#7: Matt C.
#8: Tammi G.
2 remaining: