Please check the Band APP for any changes or corrections to the information below.  The Band APP contains the most current details/directions from the directors and is updated more frequently than the website calendar.  Contact Ms. Shelburg if you need info on how to join the Band APP.

Sept 15 (Sat) – 5:15pm report
5:30pm depart

Festival Start Time:

Return Time:

  • Dress: Full Uniform*, please wear your theme shirt under the full uniform
  • Students should eat before report time.
  • “Marching band approved” snacks and water will be available at the games – students will NOT be permitted to purchase or eat food from the concession stand.

*Full Uniform for instrumentalists and managers consists of black bib pants, jacket, 2 gauntlets, hat, black “Dinkle” marching shoes, appropriate black gloves per section, garment bag and rain coat if necessary.

*Full Uniform for color guard – please see Mrs. Strangis

If you are driving your student and not using the school district transportation, please fill out the release and give it to Mr. Barney asap.

*“Please note that all return times are approximations only.  Delays in games, traffic etc. may cause us to arrive sooner or later than predicted.  The director will send out a notice on the band app when the buses leave each location with an update on the approximate time and we will encourage students to contact parents when we are approximately 15 minutes away from the school.  Unfortunately, if your student has a restriction on his or her license concerning driving past 11:00 pm, you may need to make other arrangements as the band may arrive at PTHS, after 11 pm, for any away performances.”

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